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Grey Yukata
Men's Yukata

Grey Yukata
  • A long YUKATA MEN more traditional than this one does not exist! Put on your dress and travel to the land of the rising sun without leaving your home!

    This YUKATA for men is an emblem of the Japanese culture. Very wide 3/4 sleeves with a fairly kimono belt also called obiwhich enough to feel the Japanese culture while you are home.

    This YUKATA is the traditional outfit worn by men in their daily life, when going to the market, walking around the city. This YUKATA is THE japanese everyday dress.

    This outfit is in Japanese size, consider taking a size above the one you usually take, or refer to the size guide above.

    • High quality: braided cotton, strong and reinforced seam
    • Premium comfort: T-cut for perfect fit
    • Complete pack: Belt and Bag included
      • Care instructions: machine wash at 40 °, quick drying
      • 100% FREE DELIVERY