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Japanese Socks

Keep your feet warm the Japanese way with these Japanese tabi socks specially designed to be worn with a pair of geta or other Japanese shoes that separate the big toe from the other toes.

With Japanese shoes like geta, it's not easy to put on a pair of socks, but you have to think about it. And yet, Japanese tabi socks are specially designed to be worn with geta in addition to a traditional kimono or yukata.

This traditional form of Japanese socks can go up to the ankle or the knee, with the particularity of separating the big toe from the rest of the toes. 

The traditional tabi are made of cotton with a slightly thicker sole and close at the back with metal fasteners. Their thick sole allows the socks to be used as booties inside the house after taking off their shoes.

But in this collection of socks we also show you Japanese streetwear socks to wear with classic shoes such as our trendy Japanese Sneakers.

 As on the Japanese socks, you will also find traditional patterns on the Japanese caps which are so coveted by the population of the land of the rising sun!