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Japanese Curtain - Noren

A whole collection of Japanese Curtains called Noren that are just waiting for one thing : to take place in your interior decoration. Why ? It's simply the little touch of design that is missing in any home that is crazy about Japanese culture, folklore and traditions.

Japanese Noren have several functions

Noren is indeed a typical decoration accessory of Japan and its culture! This Japanese curtain comes in the form of a rectangle split in two so that you can pass inside by separating each side. It is a way to pass and separate two rooms effectively without having to open a door.

  • The Japanese noren is used to separate the pieces of a curtain for maximum discretion and privacy.
  • It decorates your door frames: forget your white doors, the Japanese noren and its traditional patterns will offer a unique style to your interior!
  • It protects from the sun and the wind, indeed, the noren is a curtain that can also be placed in front of windows to protect from the light.
Noren therefore offers infinite possibilities and it is up to you to adopt the one that suits you best! It will reflect your personality and the atmosphere of your room, so you must know how to choose the right Japanese noren. You will find in our store many Japanese noren all unique presenting unique works and traditional Japanese patterns.