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Japanese Bento Box

Discover our Japanese Bento collection! Whether you prefer a traditional bento box or a modern lunch box, you will inevitably find your happiness with our Japanese Bento Box Collection.

Why should you have a Bento Box? Here are the three main reasons to adopt it:

  • a healthier and balanced lifestyle,
  • saving money,
  • being environmentally friend by avoind single-use food packaging and food waste!

Among the dozen of different bento boxes on the market, it is not always clear and easy to find the right one which will fit you. To get some guidance, have a look on our article on the subject HERE !

The Japapense Bento Box to eat good meals!

Maybe you are tired of eating at your company canteen, or eating in fast food restaurants due to short break time? Stop junk food and start using your Japanese bento box that contents your lovegly prepared lunch at home. 

The Bento box, with its compartments, allows you to prepare yourself a take-out meal from starter to dessert without food mixing in your box. 

  • Adopting a bento box is firstly adopting a healthy and balanced lifstyle by controlling the content of your meal even outside.
  • Adopting a bento box will help you saving money by bringing your own lunch. 
  • Investing in a Japanese lunchbox will help to sustain and protect the environment. Yes! Using a bento box avoid disposable packaging and food waste!

With the aim to satisfy all needs and appetites, Japanese Temple offers  a wide choice of food boxes. You will find insulated stainless steel lunch boxes with an insulating double wall to keep your lunches warm, or plastic Bento box guarenteed FREE BPA and non-toxic foood grade that can be used in a microwave. In all cases, our lunchboxes are equipped with silicone seals to be completely hermetic and able to be transported in your handbag, backpack or in the cooler bag supplied with it. 

In terms of capacity, we offer all kind of bento sizes, a small size will be perfect for holding a snack while a bento box with a large capacity will allow you to bring a complete and balanced meal. All of our boxes are compartmentalized and if this is not the case, they come with a removable divider to divide your meal.

However, the best bento box is the one which can adapts to everyone's needs made up with several stackable compartments. Not hungry today? Stack only two compartments! On the contrary, if you feel having a big appetite you can go with three compartments making sure that you will be full at the end of your lunch break.

There are too many bento box recipe ideas availabe online. It is a great apportunity to get down to Japanese Cooking and learn how to make delicious sushi, maki and onigiri to dip in soy sauce, yummy! To immerse yourself evenmore in Japanese Culture, consider buyi,g a furoshiki, a pretty fabric that will allow you to wrap your bento box for transport.

The bento box is endless washable and reusable, therefore make sure to choose the one that suits you best and make good use so that it can accompany  you as long as possible. Once you have enjoyed a balanced lunch, it will be hard to get back tou your old and bad fast food lunch.  

Instead of turning your leftover food from the day before into waste, keep your food cool and then add them to your culinary preparations the next day for your meal box. When it comes time for lunch, you will see how happy you are to be able to reheat your home-cooked, balanced meal!