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Japanese Umbrella

Between the strong winds and the cultural

It's going to be very difficult to walk around Japan without ever seeing an umbrella ! One can imagine as in the US that the umbrella is only used to protect oneself from the rain in Japan, but no!

In Japan, umbrellas have many different and varied functions, and that's all we want to share with you through this unique collection: even from far away from Tokyo, you will have to be ready to withstand the worst of the weather at the thought of stormy weather, strong winds, heavy rain, and even cyclones!

The Traditional Side of a Japanese Umbrella

In Japanese tradition, white skin is synonymous with purity and beauty, so many women arm themselves with their most beautiful umbrella, often black, to cover their skin and keep it as clear as possible. Indeed this custom surprises many because it is the opposite of the western culture where a tanned body is more appreciated!

In Kyoto for example, one of the most popular accessories of Japanese women to accompany the Kimono is the Japanese Umbrella ! Just like our store, there are many different patterns, Japanese women select their umbrella according to the patterns and colors so that it goes perfectly with the Kimono or Yukata.

But especially the practical side of the Umbrella

In Japan, the Transparent Umbrellas are very popular, far from the advanced designs of Umbrellas. The rains are often accompanied by strong gusts of wind, heavy rainfall, and even small tornadoes overhung by thunderstorms! This causes umbrella users to lower the umbrella according to the wind direction so that it doesn't fly away or unfold.

If you lower it in front of you and the umbrella is transparent, you will always be able to see well in front of you, and avoid running into a pole with your head down! A little tip that you can bring to France if you are asked about your choice of Japanese Umbrella.

The umbrella is a really essential accessory and there are many different shapes and uses, whether in summer or winter there is always a good reason to have one with you !