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Mens Japanese Clothing

Fashion has been linked to Japanese culture since the dawn of time. Today, there are two types of Japanese clothing for men. First of all, the traditional Japanese clothing which includes, among others, kimono, yukata, haori jackets and Japanese accessories. The opening of the country of the rising sun on the world allowed Japanese to access the western style of clothing.

This meeting of styles has notably allowed the emergence of new fashion trends. Among the most recent we think of the streetwear style which consists of Japanese tee-shirt, Japanese sweaters.

Know that at Japanese Temple, we propose for your greatest pleasure these two clothing styles. We are now going to give you some advices to differentiate and choose your future Japanese men's clothing.


It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish the different types of Japanese men's kimono. But don't panic, here is a little guide so that you can know when to wear a Japanese kimono? And the meaning of the different Japanese patterns. But first of all let's see the difference between the different traditional men's kimono.

1. Men's Kimono

The word kimono simply means clothing. When we think of the Japanese clothing style, it is the first outfit that comes to mind. However, there are many differences between kimonos in Japan.

When to wear a Japanese kimono ? The classic kimono is a garment that is worn according to a certain number of codes. It is an official Japanese garment worn during Shinto ceremonies, weddings, graduations, and tea ceremony!

How to put on a Japanese kimono man ? The traditional Japanese kimono is worn with a pair of Japanese tabi socks, a pair of Geta and a Japanese jacket (haori), a nagajuban (Japanese underwear) and an obi belt!

What is the price of an authentic Kimono ? Historically, an official kimono is a true work of art. Some pieces were embroidered with gold thread and the materials used ranged from silk and satin to cotton of the highest quality. This is why on the Japanese archipelago, kimonos remain in the same families for several generations. The price of an authentic Japanese kimono can reach several thousand euros.

However, at Japanese Temple, we offer you polyester and cotton kimono so that you can acquire one of these little wonders!

A long kimono for man is ideal if you travel to Japan, for a cosplay costume or simply if you want to add a unique Japanese outfit in your wardrobe !

2. Kimono yukata man

As we have explained the kimono is subject to many rules, whether it is about how to wear it or when it is possible to wear it. The yukata is therefore a casual kimono. It was first used in the onsen (Japanese baths) so that nobles could wear a soft and pleasant kimono without the codification of the kimono.

How to wear a yukata kimono ? Yukata is worn without the nagajuban underwear. You only need an obi belt to be able to close the kimono. Be careful however you must absolutely put the left side on the right side before you belt it at the level of the waist. The opposite direction is reserved for the mortuary kimono of the deceased!

During the summer period you can wear the yukata without a pair of Japanese socks! This Japanese style clothing is particularly appreciated during matsuri (Japanese summer festivals). A colorful kimono with bright colors and Sakura, tsuru or carp koi patterns are perfect for the occasion !

3. Japanese Haori man

The Japanese haori is worn over the kimono but in recent years this traditional Japanese men's jacket has become ultra trendy. In Harajuku street in Tokyo, the jacket is worn in an unconventional way with streetwear t-shirts. We recommend you to make a color reminder for example with the pattern of your Japanese men's jacket and a pair of sneakers.

You can also wear your Japanese kimono jacket indoors for a casual and casual look. Don't hesitate to take it several sizes up for an oversize style.


To come and sublimate your Japanese men's outfit, nothing better than a Japanese accessory.

1. Men's Tabi socks

If you put on a kimono, you have to wear it with split-toe tabi socks and a pair of geta. For the choice of colors, choose a white color for a classic kimono and a colored pair or with Japanese symbols for a yukata.

If you wear a Japanese outfit or streetwear, choose a pair with prints in honor of Japanese folklore. We even offer you pairs of high Japanese socks with designs inspired by the irezumi art (Japanese tattoo).

2. Japanese men's sandals

Nowadays traditional geta are worn with authentic Japanese clothing but also with streetwear. The different shapes and styles of geta are characterized by the number of teeth under the sole. The best known are the Hyori geta which consist of two teeth. They are antique samurai shoes.

For a more casual style, you can also put a pair of zori that have a flat sole. All our traditional Japanese shoes are made of wood and have an adjustable strap (hanao). Be aware that these shoes although made of wood have excellent health benefits and are comfortable if the fabric strap is well attached !

3. Obi belt for men

The Japanese Obi belt is the final touch that will complete the wearing of your kimono. For a unique style, we advise you to match the pattern of your Japanese men's shoe with that of your men's obi. The bow of the obi belt is worn on the back. Here is a little tutorial so that you can have the basics to wear the yukata and have a perfect knot:

4. Japanese men's mask

Wearing traditional or modern Japanese masks is very trendy in Japanese culture. This Japanese accessory is worn during religious ceremonies or during festivals. For example an oni mask is worn during the setsubun ceremony or a traditional Japanese cat mask during the bakeneko matsuri of Kagurazaka city.

For a modern style, we advise you to wear a Japanese pollution mask. We propose patterns inspired by yakuza tattoos or kawaii and bosozoku fashion !


If you walk around the Harajuku district, you would be surprised to see how Japanese fashion is at its peak. We want, through our collection of Japanese clothing, to show you how culturally rich the Japanese style is!

1. Japanese T-shirt for men

They are inspired by Japanese legends and myths. All our japanese style t-shirts are made of combed cotton to be soft and comfortable. We propose some t-shirts in organic cotton. The manufacturing is totally french and the japanese designs are made by our designer!

2. Japanese men's sweatshirt

Opt for a Japanese men's sweatshirt to display a trendy Japanese streetwear style. It is a must have of your wardrobe. It can be worn all year round whatever the season. We advise you to wear it with plain jeans and a nice pair of sneakers. Add accessories like a Japanese cap and Japanese rings to push your style even further.


Whatever style of Japanese men's clothing you choose, know that each Japanese symbol has a meaning. Here are some explanations on the most iconic patterns of the Japanese tradition

🐲 The Japanese dragon : it is an ancient kami. It is a symbol of strength. This Asian dragon is also synonymous with wisdom.

🎏 The koi carp : it symbolizes courage and masculinity. It is very important in Japanese culture. It even has its own festival: koinobori. We often see these Japanese fish on tattooed people, especially Yakuza clan members!

🌊 The great wave of Kanagawa : this is the emblematic engraving of the Japanese artist Hokusai. It is quite common to see it printed on Japanese fabrics.

🌸 Cherry blossoms : it symbolizes the passing beauty of all things. It is a colori often "mixed" with other symbols on a Japanese men's dress.

Now you have in your hands all the keys to our Japanese store to choose the garment that will suit you best. So, we wish you a good shopping on japanese-temple.com.

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