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Japanese Kimono

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Japanese kimono started as traditional clothes but today's it meets Streetwear and Sportswear. We present here many models that all have a very different history.

For the small anecdotes, the Haoris were, in historical Japan, jackets (or shirts/blouses) worn by the high class in order not to dirty the Kimono that was underneath it. So much so that women and people from a lower class in society were not even allowed to wear them !

Today, it is still an accessory that has its mark of traditional culture, but much freer with women, children, and people of all classes wearing it. A perfect complement for Kimono and Yukata !

There have been several types of long-sleeved Japanese Kimono that have emerged over time, including the Hapi or Hakama. Respectively, one was intended to be worn as a jacket that does not close and protects the Kimonos, the other was dedicated to traditional ceremonies accompanied by Geishas and Samurai.