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Japanese Kimono

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Japanese kimono started as traditional clothes but today's it meets Streetwear and Sportswear. We present here many models that all have a very different history.

For the small anecdotes, the Haoris were, in historical Japan, jackets (or shirts/blouses) worn by the high class in order not to dirty the Kimono that was underneath it. So much so that women and people from a lower class in society were not even allowed to wear them !

Today, it is still an accessory that has its mark of traditional culture, but much freer with women, children, and people of all classes wearing it. A perfect complement for Kimono and Yukata !

There have been several types of long-sleeved Japanese Kimono that have emerged over time, including the Hapi or Hakama. Respectively, one was intended to be worn as a jacket that does not close and protects the Kimonos, the other was dedicated to traditional ceremonies accompanied by Geishas and Samurai.

Adorn your kimono with our comfortable and trendy world fashion jackets and walk the streets of Japan !