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Japanese Fan

Discover this varied collection directly worked with artists from the land of the rising sun to obtain the most authentic Japanese Fans possible. 

During the summer season, it is always nice to refresh oneself. For this purpose, we propose you new nice Japanese fans made of fabric or paper, foldable or in one piece. A nice japanese object very elegant and practical to fan.

Did you know that, according to the legend, the manufacture of folding fans was inspired by the wings of birds and bats ?

Nature inspired the first fan creators to make a fan that could be easily stored, once folded, in the sleeves of the Kimono.

The Japanese fan, the refined fashion accessory from the Land of the Rising Sun

The Japanese fan is by far the most traditional accessory in Japan. Many tourists leave their trip to the Land of the Rising Sun with one or more fans in their luggage. There are two types of fans in Japan, the uchiwa and the ogi (or sensu). The uchiwa is an oval, round or square fan with a fixed handle that does not fold. The folding fan, the ogi, is a Japanese invention of the 7th century. Legend has it that a peasant would have designed this object after observing the wings of a bat that folded and unfolded.

The fan is, certainly, an object of daily use to refresh oneself on hot days but it is above all an object deeply rooted in Japanese culture. It can be found in various traditional arts such as Japanese theater, kabuki, traditional dance, nihon buyô, and the humorous narrative art, rakugo.

The foldable Japanese fan is usually made of Japanese silk fabric or paper with a bamboo structure. All made in art with the woods and papers used in Japan to reinforce all the history behind these accessories that people tear off in summer, where the heat and the wind of a fan make the best team.