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Navy Blue Yukata
Men's Yukata

  • Noting like a winter MAN YUKATA to fight the cold during cold season!

     When the weather is freazing, it is best to cover up. You will not find better than this WINTER MENS'S YUKATA to keep you warm while having a garment which is both comfortable and stylish.

    This BLUE NAVY YUKATA is simple and effective with a neutral color with a striped pattern.

    The JAPANASE YUKATA is mainly dressed to relax at home and during parties. This outfit is not worn during cereminies nor important events.    

    This outfit is in Japanese size, consider taking a size above the one you usually take, or refer to the size guide above.

    • High quality: braided cotton, strong and reinforced seam
    • Premium comfort: T-cut for perfect fit
    • Complete pack: Belt and Bag included
      • Care instructions: machine wash at 40 °, quick drying
      • 100% FREE DELIVERY