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White Yukata
Men's Yukata

White Yukata
  • Nothing more class than a WHITE MAN YUKATA! The kimono to stand out during SUMMER time.

    In Japan, the white color is everywhere but not common when it comes to male Yukata. This color is mostly used for decoration during events to sombolize joy.

    Japanese people are dressed in white during ceremonies to celebrate weddings, birthadays and mainly for wommen.

    Contradictory, the white color is also represented for mourning and death unlike Western where the black is the unique color represented.

    White color means also peace and purification which is a symbol in the Japanese mythology and religion.  In other words, the White Yukata is the outfit to have if you want to stand out from others and also if you want to take a spiritual journey.

    This outfit is in Japanese size, consider taking a size above the one you usually take, or refer to the size guide above.

    • High quality: braided cotton, strong and reinforced seam
    • Premium comfort: T-cut for perfect fit
    • Complete pack: Belt and Bag included
      • Care instructions: machine wash at 40 °, quick drying
      • 100% FREE DELIVERY