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Japanese Half

  • Wear our Japanese Half Mask to disguise yourself with the most ancient Japanese art !
    Worthy of the Japanese culture, this mask is inspired by the famous oni demon! A demon which is very represented in the Japanese universe. Whether in movies, video games or even manga, this demon is very appreciated!

    Disguise yourself and become a real scary demon with sharp teeth !

    This airsoft demon mask is the symbol of the oni demon ! A famous vengeful Japanese demon who is capable of the greatest cruelties to satisfy his desires. Now it's your turn to transform yourself and show the real person hiding inside you.

    • Design : inspired by Japanese antiquity, the samurai world, shinobi and their Japanese masks.
    • Dimension : about 16cm wide and 13cm high
    • Material and finish : this mask is made of resin, it has a fabric lining to ensure more comfort. The fabric inside the mask is breathable.
    • Quality : the curves are smooth to give the mask a "samurai mask" style. It is adjustable to be worn perfectly by the warrior who sleeps in you.
    • Usage : It is lightweight, comfortable and will protect Airsoft players. If you're a Cosplay fan or Halloween enthusiast, it will hide half your face in pure Japanese style.
    • Adjustable : the neoprene headband is adjustable so that it can be worn by adults or teenagers.