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Japanese Demon
Half Mask

  • Discover our Airsoft Demon Mask ! It is perfect to terrify your enemies during the games. Put on this mask and go into battle ! Whether it's a sniper or a rifle, your new style will scare off any opponent who tries to take you on ! Once he sees your sharp golden teeth, he'll run away.

    He's straight out of the Japanese culture and its scary stories!
    This airsoft demon mask is the symbol of the oni demon ! A famous vengeful Japanese demon who is capable of the greatest cruelties to satisfy his desires.

    • Design : inspired by Japanese antiquity, the samurai world, shinobi and their Japanese masks.
    • Dimension : about 16cm wide and 13cm high
    • Material and finish : this mask is made of resin, it has a fabric lining to ensure more comfort. The fabric inside the mask is breathable.
    • Quality : the curves are smooth to give the mask a "samurai mask" style. It is adjustable to be worn perfectly by the warrior who sleeps in you.
    • Usage : It is lightweight, comfortable and will protect Airsoft players. If you're a Cosplay fan or Halloween enthusiast, it will hide half your face in pure Japanese style.
    • Adjustable : the neoprene headband is adjustable so that it can be worn by adults or teenagers.