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Easy travel Japanese Bento Box

  • Easy Travel Bento Box 

    Looking for a lunch box for a healthy, balanced and ecological lifestyle that can me carried everywhere?

    This Easy travel bento box is made for you! Prepare at home and carry your favourite meals for lunch at work or on a picnic easily thanks to its design!

    The Easy travel bento box is made with stainless steel or PP material and leak-proof design. No more food flavor mixing during transport thanks to the compartment design!

    A tableware is integrated to this lunchbox, buckle designed for easy storage of spoon and chopsticks.

    Carry your Easy travel lunch box safely thanks to its four side bucles with flexible switch.

    Easy travel lunch box helps to keeps your meal at the best temperature with vent hole to avoid excessive air pressure.

    Adding the seal design preventing from leak and heat loss, the Easy Travel Bento Box is the secured bento box to have with it's four buclkes all around the box. 

    • Material: Stainless Steel / PP
    • Thermal insulation 
    • Box size: 22cm long x 22cm wide x 6cm high 
    • High resistance to high tempratures