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Japanese House Wooden Chopsticks

  • A pair of Japanese wooden chopsticks and a spoon with their fabric pouch

    A box of Japanese chopsticks to seize the chance at your fingertips!
    Fan of Japanese cuisine? You must have at least one pair of Japanese chopsticks at hand and be ready to be drawn at any time!

    Adopt these traditional wooden Japanese folklore chopsticks! After many strokes of the chopstick, the colors will not fade and these chopsticks are reusable forever.

    The Japanese elegance can be found in these Japanese wooden chopsticks and with this a beautiful wooden spoon to represent tradition. Whether for yourself or as a gift, this bag of chopsticks is a beautiful gift that will make you happy.

    These chopsticks are food grade and pose no health risk. The wood is treated with a natural lacquer that contains no BPA or phthalates.

    Reusable and durable, they are ideal for everyday use. You can also use it as a wand to tie up your hair.

    • Wooden chopsticks and spoon
    • Food quality, healthy and non-toxic
    • Fabric pocket with closure system
    • Chopsticks length: 22 cm
    • Dimensions of the spoon: 17 cm long and 4 cm wide