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Women's Fashion Geisha Kimono

  • Do you want to spend a typical japanese day? Wear a Japanese women's kimono! 

    This is Kimono is the stylish design with its pink and purple patterns.

    The kimono is back in fashion, both in the west and in Japan. The new generation has re-appropriated this traditional clothe to make it more visible in the current Japanese fashion.

    This Japanese Kimono for women is unique, with its bright purple color, it stands out from what we are used to seeing. This Japanese Kimono is adorned with flowers to make the woman who wears it sublime. This Japanese kimono has a Obi that allows it to be adapted to its size more or less to bring out the shapes while being in unparalleled comfort.


    • High Quality
    • Cotton Uni
    • One size
    • Care instructions: machine wash at 40 °, quick drying
    • Original Design: unique kimono design
    • Free Delivery