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Japanese Shorts

  • Description of the Japanese Shorts Elephant

    These Elephant Japanese shorts are ultra trendy in the streetwear and represent perfectly the Japanese folklore with these patterns that we see in american movies. It can perfectly be accompanied by a Japanese temple t-shirt to give a hyper Harajuku

    These famous shorts represent the splendor of the Japanese elephant which is an important symbol of the land of the rising sun. Moreover, the Japanese represent their famous elephant named Hanako who died in Tokyo at the age of 69. This elephant is a heroine for the childhood because of its friendship but also because of its fame on TV, in manga, newspapers or even on t-shirts all over the world! style!

    The expression of streetwear people who wear this type of shorts is often "japanese short grain rice" to symbolize their Asian culture!

    We can see the art and imagination of a Japanese design expert who demonstrates creativity with this style from the Japanese temples

    This garment is in japanese size, remember to take one size above the one you usually take, or refer to the size guide above.

    • Optimal Quality : Polyester
    • Cut : Normal for a casual style
    • Stretchy material : adjustable drawstring at the waist
    • Care instructions : machine wash at 40°, quick drying.