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Crane Kimono Jacket

  • Description of the Crane Kimono Jacket 

    You'll be proud to own this nice streetwear kimono, made of high quality, flowing polyester and silky to the touch. This transparent kimono blouse with three-quarter sleeves is a model of luxury and refinement in Japanese fashion.

    Wear this lovely cranes pattern shirt to make peace with your yin and yang! Indeed, the Japanese white crane symbolizes the essential characters of our inner harmony: calm, purity and loyalty. Flying on a white background fabric they seem all the more pure and graceful.

    Often we compare KIMONO VS YUKATA but both often represents pattern on the Kimono of Japanese folklore to represent the land of the rising sun. This Kimono can be worn in all circumstances. It can be a Kimono for the summer, a Kimono for the Japanese restaurant, a kimono for a traditional party but also a kimono Japanese Streetwear Tiktok.

    The Japanese designer has put all his creativity and his art so that the result is ultra trendy but also traditional, a perfect marriage for a unique style!

    The Japanese crane is a symbol of longevity and manages to fight all those who wear Kimono demon slayer and Evil Geisha from the dark streets of Harajuku!

    Borrowing the femininity and romanticism of geishas, this Japanese haori adopts a modern and casual chic cut. Become even more sensual with a black crop top or a deep neckline and a burgundy red lipstick. Ideal for a romantic date! Treat yourself to this pleasure right now. Buy the Women's Kimono Bird Jacket.!

    size guide kimono

    • One size fits all (see details in the table below)
    • Superior Quality : 100% Polyester for extra strength and durability.
    • Unisex Kimono from  Japanese Temple 
    • Maximum Comfort : soft and light to the touch and without unpleasant rubbing
    • Original cut for a unique Japanese style
    • Care instructions : machine wash at 40°, quick drying.