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Kanji Japanese Knife

  • The Japanese Kanji Knife for your Kitchen

    This Japanese Kanji knife has a beautiful and unique Tsuchime ("hammered pattern") textured blade. It features a hand-sharpened and polished VG-10 stainless steel blade core, coated on both sides with 66-layer stainless steel (50/50 double beveled edge symmetrically ground).
    Perfect for preparing the best Japanese folklore dishes and recognized in Japanese restaurants around the world!

    • Japanese fabric
    • Material: stainless steel VG-10 
    • Weight : 255.3 g
    • Overall Length : 315 mm
    • Blade thickness : 2.5 mm
    • Handle material:
      aluminum Honeycomb with colorful resin inside.
      length: 290 mm
      blade length: 165 mm
      blade width: 40 mm
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