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how to put on a kimono

How to wear a kimono ?

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Putting on a kimono is not a simple thing. Don't worry, this tutorial shows you the best way to put on a kimono or Yukata.

Kimono and Yukata are traditional Japanese clothing, worn by men and women in Japan for various occasions. Although the type of event helps to determine which type of kimono is most appropriate to wear, the way to correctly put on a kimono is generally the same in all cases.

Different type of kimono

70% of Japanese women do not know how to wear a kimono completely ! And this even if the kimono is their traditional dress. In Japan there are even courses to learn how to wear the Kimono correctly, but don't worry in this article we will simply explain how to wear it in a few quick steps.  In addition, some people wear their grandmother's kimono (or even an older kimono) with their own style. They value unique designs and high quality textiles and invent their own way to enjoy the kimono on many occasions ! Now it's time to learn how to wear a kimono properly.

Wear a Kimono


This article will allow you to wear at best the kimonos of our Japanese Temple store present in the rubrics Womens Kimono or Mens Kimono.

To put on a kimono or a yukata, please follow the following steps :

1 - Put on the kimono / yukata as a dressing gown, and let it hang freely on your body.
2 - Hold the ends of the collar of the kimono / yukata and lift the kimono until the back hem rests just above the ground and the front hem rests just above your feet.
3 - Wrap the right fabric around your body (Do not put the left side first, otherwise you will be dressed like a corpse at a traditional Japanese funeral).
4 - Put the left side of the kimono on the right side.
5 - Tie a simple belt (called "koshihomo" or simply "himo") around your waist with a simple knot. The front of your garment may look wrinkled - but don't worry! We'll fix it later!
6 - If there is excess fabric over the place where you tied your himo, blouse the excess over it (just like you would with a polo shirt over your pants). Carefully put the collar in place. Then, smooth, flatten the kimono over the himo, which will cover the himo.
7 - Now that you have put on your kimono / yukata correctly, you are ready to learn how to tie an obi!

What to wear the Japanese kimono with ?

To wear perfectly the Japanese Kimono we advise you to wear Geta (Japanese shoes) and Tabi (Japanese socks).

Geta Tabi


- Don't be afraid of color when it comes to wearing these Japanese outfits. Be bold and test it out !  Our Traditional Geisha Kimono is perfect for that ! 

Woman wear Japanese kimono


- The number one rule when it comes to Japanese outfits like this is to use Accessories to go with it ! Stack the Japanese bracelets and layer the necklaces for a chic and casual look.