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Difference between Buddhist and Catholic jewelry

Difference between Buddhist and Catholic jewelry

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Are you passionate about jewelry or do you simply like to wear fashion accessories to match your everyday outfits?

In both cases, our article will talk about Buddhist and Catholic jewelry, especially in relation to what differentiates them.

Today, there are countless people who have fallen in love with this Catholic and Buddhist jewelry. Moreover, these accessories are not reserved for believers, but are worn, more often than not, as a decorative item or to enhance your appearance.

Thus, knowing the differences between Catholic and Buddhist jewelry can only be interesting. If you want to know more about the subject, we invite you to read our article which is, precisely, dedicated to the points which differentiate these two jewels.

In this article, you will discover :

  • Catholic and Buddhist jewelry: two accessories of different origin

  • Catholic and Buddhist jewelry: two accessories worn for different purposes

  • Conclusion: Catholic and Buddhist jewelry accessories with different histories

Without further ado, let's start the article now!

Catholic and Buddhist jewelry: two accessories with different origins

Everything leads us to believe that Buddhist jewelry is of Eastern origin.

According to some archaeological studies, Tibetan Buddhist jewelry was made as early as eight BC. As for their wearing, it started from the eighth century when Buddhist monasteries were established. Everything suggests that these accessories are of Eastern origin. More specifically for Buddhist bracelets, some say that they come from India, a country where these jewels were called "mala", that is to say, meditation necklace in Sanskrit language. Moreover, these accessories have existed and been worn by Indians and Tibetans for over 3000 years. But nowadays, they have become fashionable and affordable jewelry for everyone.

As for the Catholic jewelry, its existence dates back to the time of the Christianization of the Roman Empire under Constantine. Of course, they are made in the West, because the Christian faith was born in Europe and the majority of Catholic believers live on this continent. The crosses are the most famous jewels in this field. The crosses, as a decoration and embodying the Christian faith, decorate the walls of Catholic churches as well as those of Anglican, Reformed or Lutheran churches.

Catholic and Buddhist jewelry: two accessories worn for different purposes

Buddhist jewelry is worn for many reasons. First, it brings luck and protection. Second, it is a symbol of happiness and success.

For Catholic jewelry, it is both a fashion accessory and an affirmation of faith in Christ.

As you may have read, Catholic jewelry and Buddhist jewelry have two points that fundamentally differentiate them. On the one hand, the former are of Western origin and the latter are of Eastern origin. On the other hand, Catholic jewelry is mostly in the form of crosses, while Buddhist jewelry is in various forms.

Now that you know the differences between these two types of jewelry, you are now able to choose the accessory that best suits your outfit or religious beliefs.

And, if you like these types of jewelry, we invite you to browse our site to find the items that will suit you.