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Fancy Japanese Kimono

  • Description of the Japanese Kimono Fancy

    This black kimono with black and red color has some famous symbols of Japan such as the lotus,  or the Carp Koï at your back !

    Often we compare KIMONO VS YUKATA but both often represents pattern on the Kimono of Japanese folklore to represent the land of the rising sun. This Kimono can be worn in all circumstances. It can be a Kimono for the summer, a Kimono for the Japanese restaurant, a kimono for a traditional party but also a kimono Japanese Streetwear Tiktok.

    The Japanese designer has put all his creativity and his art so that the result is ultra trendy but also traditional, a perfect marriage for a unique style!

    The Japanese Carp K is a symbol important thanks to the serenity and manages to fight all those who wear Kimono demon slayer and Evil Geisha from the dark streets of Harajuku!

    • Superior Quality: 100% polyester for exceptional strength and durability.
    • Unisex Kimono : for both mens and womens japanese clothing !
    • Maximum Comfort : soft and light to the touch and without unpleasant rubbing
    • Original cut for a unique Japanese style
    • Care instructions: machine wash at 40°, quick drying.