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Japanese Bento Box Ceramic Bowl

  • The Bento Box for Microwave and Oven

    Looking for a lunch box for a healthy, balanced and ecological lifestyle? This ceramic bento box is made for you! Prepare at home and carry your favourite meals for lunch at work or on a picnic!

    The Ceramic bento box's design allows a dual fonction of its rosewood cover to be used as a tray. An internal silicone lid seals the box tightly to prevent leaks and heat loss. 

    • The lid is made of rosewood and the container in ceramic.
    • includes a waterproof silicone inner cover, a silicone elastic closure and a pair of wooden chopsticks.
    • Box size: 19cm long x 11cm wide x 7.5cm high
    • Box volume: 500ml
    • High resistance to high tempratures
    • Ceramic container can be put in microwave and oven


    Included in the pack:

    • Silicone strap
    • Wood chopstick
    • Silicone cover
    • Ceramic bowl
    • Rosewood cover