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Japanese T-Shirt

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Whether with Japanese print, Japanese writing or Japanese pattern, the Japanese t-shirt is the favorite garment of fans of Japanese culture. Stand out and make your style unique by asserting your passion for Japan by wearing a Japanese style t-shirt. Light and comfortable, it is easily oversized for a streetwear and casual look inspired by the street culture of Harajuku district.


With long or short sleeves, oversized or classic cut, round collar, plain color or with Japanese inscription, flocked or embroidered, our selection offers a wide choice of Japanese printed t-shirt. Its cotton fabric gives it a softness and makes the Japanese t-shirt very pleasant to wear. Its light fabric will help you to face the summer heat of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Anime t-shirt, streetwear t-shirt, vintage japanese t-shirt or japanese t-shirt ? There is something for every taste.

The Japanese t-shirt takes many references from the traditional Japanese culture such as yokai, Kanagawa wave, Japanese calligraphy and kanji, Mount Fuji, Koi carp, maneki neko or anime and manga to get these beautiful designs.

Compose your look around your japanese calligraphy t-shirt for a japanese street and very trendy style.


More and more essential in dressings, the Japanese pattern t-shirt is worn for all occasions and adapts to all morphologies. Whether it's for sports or for a stylish evening outfit, the Japanese printed t-shirt will never disappoint you. Its  polyester and cotton fabric and its wide cut gives a very appreciable freedom of movement.

For a casual look, opt for the oversize t-shirt. Combine it with a pair of sneakers and comfortable ripped jeans or jogging pants for a very famous urban style in Tokyo.

The Japanese-style t-shirt has the particularity of being unisex. It can be worn by both men and women. It's up to you to adapt it to your way. For girls, you can wear it long to give this "boyfriend t-shirt" effect or as a dress marked or not at the waist. Its ample and comfortable cut will fit perfectly with denim shorts, ideal for a street-style and casual outfit.

Our Japanese inscription t-shirt range was created and imported from Japan to bring back this Japanese streetwear outfits style that we love so much. Halfway between Japanese culture and urban culture, find the Japanese t-shirt that will suit you best !
Our T-shirts are the essential items of clothing in our store, heavily embroidered so that the color of the embroidery is shining!
We offer in our shop a collection of unisex Japanese printed t-shirts that represent the mythological culture with its unique style.

Our famous Japanese t-shirts each have a different modern and aesthetic design that often represents characters from Japanese folklore such as samurai or demons. These are Japanese designers who have designed these unique products 100% oversized cotton of high quality and above all very comfortable for men and women.
If you are passionate about the world of Japan and the loose and wide streetwear you have found your Japanese Temple !
Accompany your sublime Japanese t-shirt with a traditional kimono to have the best folkloric style and perfectly represent the wonderful and mysterious world of the Harajuku streets!

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