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Kitsune Mask

Anbu Kitsun Mask
  • Between colors and traditional patterns, this Japanese Fox Mask is sublime.
    Stand out by wearing it during a Japanese festival or a fancy dress party with friends. We can assure you that no one will be able to match your style even with great effort. You will be the king of the party and true fans of Japan will recognize your taste for Japanese style.

    A perfect decorative element for tradition lovers!
    This mask is not just for face, it is also possible to use it as a decorative element for your interior. Put it on a piece of furniture or hang it on a wall and here is your new decoration ! More Japanese, more traditional and warmer.

    • Dimension : about 17cm wide and 26cm high, adjustable.
    • Material and finish : our mask is made of plastic / Leather / Pu, it consists of an elastic band so that it can be held like a Shinobi.
    • Quality : the curves are smooth and delicate to give you an Anbu style.
    • Use : it is suitable for Mangakas, Cosplay fans as well as Halloween enthusiasts.